Ordering process

1. Place an order

Log in or register as a new customer before placing an order. After that, you can place your products through your shopping cart and go to checkout.

2. Payment

You can choose between three payment methods:

Prepayment per advance invoice
You will receive the advance invoice incl. pay in slip within one business day by e-mail.

Prepayment per credit card/paypal
You will receive the invoice incl. pay in slip as receipt within one business day by e-mail.

You will receive the invoice after the delivery. This payment method is only available upon request for public or government institutions, schools, universities or Institutes or major accounts.


3. Status of your order

The status of your order is available under your user account, “overview” and is constantly being updated. However, delays may occur.


4. Modification of your order

As our system is mostly automated, we are not able to change your order. However, we have the option to cancel your order upon your request by e-mail so that you can place a complete new order.

5. Your contract

If you choose prepayment, your order will be delivered on receipt of your payment. Orders with invoice will immediately be released.

Please note that binding delivery statements are not possible, except for products on stock. Unpredictable supply shortages on the part of suppliers may occur. Relevant is the stock at the time of your payment (as far as you paid by prepayment).

Our customer desk will help you if you need further assistance.